Drama & Movement Therapy

Group Therapy

Group Drama and Movement Therapy Sessions take place with a small number of clients and myself. The initial sessions focus on building trust, with the therapist and group getting to know each other to enable a safe space to be created where clients can feel supported, related to, and to develop understanding and empathy between the members of the group. The group and therapist then journey together to explore difficult feelings and aspects of individuals as they arise, while working creatively and supporting one another through their journey.

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Materials and mediums such as stories, images, fabrics, costumes, music, art materials, nature and toy objects are used with the group to work creatively with the feelings and aspects as they arise.

Sessions are usually 90 minutes in duration, once per week, depending on the group’s needs. Small groups of 3-4 members and initial meetings before commencing therapy usually take place in my private therapy space located in Downend, Bristol. For larger groups of 5-6 members, a larger space is rented in the local area. Unlike individual therapy, the group therapy sessions I facilitate usually have an end date set, with a view of how many sessions we will be meeting for, which is agreed upon before commencing therapy sessions. For more information on what groups are currently available, please see below or feel free to contact me directly for more information on upcoming groups.

Current Availability 

I apologise but there is no current availability for group sessions, please contact Laura for more information.