Booking Terms and Conditions

To view our complete set of policies that must be agreed to before therapy can commence, such as confidentiality, building policies, our full Covid-19 risk assessment and late payment charges please click here.

Please indicate in the comment box provided if you have a preferred method of contact if your therapist needs to contact you to double check or amend bookings directly before your appointment.

Please read these T&C’s carefully before booking an appointment. Booking your appointment indicates you have understood and agreed to the following:

RESCHEDULING/CANCELLATIONS/LATENESS: If the client needs to reschedule or cancel a session/service, they must give as much notice as possible. If the client misses a session or service without cancelling, or cancels with less than 48 hours of notice, they will still be charged. If the client is late, the session/service will still need to end on time. Amendments can be made via Setmore up to 48hrs before the appointment is due to start, however, for later amendments, please contact your therapist directly at laura@bristoldramatherapy.co.uk. If the therapist is unable to make a session/service, they will attempt to contact the client directly as soon as possible to amend the booking.

PAYMENT DUE: Payment is due on or before the day the session or service is due to take place. If debts incur, the therapist reserves the right to use legal means to secure payment owed. An interest of 1.5% per month will be charged to late fees (from 14 days from date of service). Payment methods such as cash, card or cheque can be made at the premises. Payment is also available through the booking page via Paypal.

PRIVACY: Confidentiality will be kept at all times in accordance with GDPR & the Data Protection Act. Information will not be shared with third parties without the client’s explicit consent, except in issues of safeguarding, child or adult protection, or if the therapist believes the client or others are at risk. In these cases, it is the therapist’s duty to inform and share information with the relevant parties in accordance with the law. The therapist is required to keep appropriate records about clients and services provided. These records tend to be brief as they are intended to aid the therapist in keeping track of client progress. Please view our full policies if you would like information of how these notes are kept.

COVID-19: Please do not attempt to visit the building if you have symptoms of Covid-19, have been instructed to isolate or have been in close proximity to someone with suspected/confirmed Covid-19 in the last 10 days. If you discover you must isolate before your appointment, please contact the therapist as soon as you are aware to arrange an online/phone appointment, to reschedule, or to cancel; however please note that the cancellation policy, as stated in this agreement, will apply to Covid-19 related cancellations, as with other illnesses or reasons for cancelling.

ENTRANCE: Please only enter the building through the courtyard entrance, no earlier than ten minutes before your appointment to give the therapist time to sanitise the waiting area. If the waiting room is yet to be sanitised by the time you arrive, a sign on the waiting room door will indicate this. Please maintain social distancing whenever possible during your visit. Visitors are free to use any and all PPE that allows them to feel safe. Masks should be worn when entering the building unless you are exempt. Please sanitise your hands before entering the waiting room.

 CHAPERONES: Only one person (from the same household/allowed by government guidelines) is permitted to accompany the client into the building unless the café is open and you wish to use their facilities under their Covid-19 policies whilst you wait.

ONLINE WORKING & PHONE SESSIONS: The client may request an online/phone appointment with the therapist instead of a face-to-face session for any reason. The therapist requests that a minimum of 15 minutes notice is given via phone call before the service/session is due to start. If the therapist needs to move a session/service online due to their need to isolate, they will notify clients as soon as they become aware. The online sessions/services will take place via a Zoom link provided by the therapist, unless alternate arrangements have been agreed beforehand by both parties. Phone sessions/services are to be agreed by both parties. The client must phone the therapist on 0770 332 7330 at the agreed time, to indicate they are ready for their appointment to start. Confidentiality will be observed during online/phone sessions/services as it would during face-to-face appointments.

Thank you for taking the time to read these terms and conditions, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch here.