SPACE LOCATION: The space is located inside The Bromley building, 73 Quaker’s Road, Bromley Heath, Bristol, BS16 6NH. Quaker’s Road is a residential street, and our building is located on the far left within a row of shops. The Bromley building is shared by Bristol Dramatherapy, a small independent caf , and a local dog groomer.

ENTRANCE: Bristol Dramatherapy’s entrance is located at the side of the building, through a small courtyard with a wooden fence (the gate is located at the rear of the building, on the right). Due to Covid-19 safety measures (and, of course, your privacy) it is important that we use this entrance/exit. During opening hours, the gate to the courtyard will be unlocked, as will the door to the inside of building. If this is your first time visiting, please feel free to ring the doorbell so I am able to show you the way to the room. Please do not enter unless it is within 10 minutes of your appointment time. When you enter the building, please follow the short corridor, and turn right into the cafe area. The door to Bristol Dramatherapy Ltd is located on the right, just before the wooden divider, which gives a source of privacy from the rest of the cafe. Bristol Dramatherapy houses three rooms; a small private waiting room, the main therapy space and the therapist’s private office. If you wish to use the facilities, these can be found through the door located directly opposite our entrance to the building.


CAR: The vicinity of the building offers an abundance of free on-street parking, however it is recommended that during school pick-up and drop-off hours you arrive early to ensure a close parking space. The side of the road closest to the front of the building has a parking restriction of up to 2hrs between Mon-Sat before 6pm, however there are no restrictions on the opposite side of the road (closest to The Sandringham) or on any other of the surrounding roads. There is a disabled parking spot directly in front of the building for those eligible to use it. There is also room for two vehicles at the rear of the building, directly in front of the gate to the courtyard, however these are shared with the dog-groomers, and are used on a first-come, first-serve basis. When parking here, please be mindful to not block the gravelled road, as they are used constantly by other businesses.

BUS: Quaker’s Road bus stop is located next to the building, which is used by the 5 and 462 bus services. The building is also walking distance (10 mins) from Sandringham Avenue bus stop on Badminton Road, which is used by the 48 bus service.

BIKE: There are a number of bike paths in the area of Bromley heath and Downend. When arriving by bike, it has been advised that your bike should not be locked on the bike anchor in front of the building, as there have been thefts in the past. Instead, please bring your bike into the courtyard where an anchor, bike cover and lock are available for you to use. The code to the bike lock will only be given to Bristol Dramatherapy clients by request only and known to be travelling by bike. For health and safety reasons, bicycles will not be permitted inside the building.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I look forward to meeting you.

Warmest wishes,


Drama and Movement Therapist, Clinical Supervisor & Company Director.