(Put Yourself) Back Together Therapy & Support Group

This group is an open group for those suffering with the grief of losing someone important in their lives due to a break-down in the relationship, for whatever reason. This group intends to help participants heal, find perspective, increase self-esteem, and make decisions that help better their lives as individuals.

The group will begin with a facilitated ‘check-in’, in order for members to both support and be supported by the group, before moving into a drama and movement therapy session which aims to meet the needs of the group.

Sessions will be held once per week, on Thursdays at 8pm-9.30pm in Laura’s private therapy room. Please contact Laura here to book your free consultation after registering and reserving your place in this small, but tight-knit group.

Other Services

World to Writes – Therapeutic Writing Group

Alongside my calling as a Drama and Movement Therapist, I also lecture in Creative Writing at a local University. Findings from numerous studies have recognised that writing, either reflectively or creatively, can have a positive impact on an individual’s confidence, perception and thought clarification, communication skills, empathy, and overall better their emotional, mental and physical health. Furthermore, like other forms of expressive therapies, (I will shout this from the rooftops), YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE GOOD AT WRITING TO BENEFIT FROM IT!

The facilitation of various writing exercises aims to benefit the group in a number of ways, as listed above, all while being held in a supportive way (with lots of tea, coffee and biscuits). The exercises presented can then be taken away and used by the individuals after the group has finished. There are a limited number of spaces available, as I plan for this to be a small, close-knit group. The completion of the group (how long it will run for) will be up for discussion with individuals before starting. Every individual will have a chance to meet me, Laura, before the group begins in late August/early September.

If you would like more information or would like to book a free consultation, please contact me here, or phone/text me on 0770 332 7330.

Drama & Movement Therapy


analysis blackboard board bubbleDo I need to be good at Drama to participate in Dramatherapy?

You do not need to be artistic to participate in any form of Arts Psychotherapy. As Dramatherapy focuses on the individual’s process while working with the mediums that drama and theatre provides, instead of preparing or rehearsing for a performance, you do not need to be good at drama to reap the benefits.

What happens once someone has contacted you?

If a client is happy that they have no more questions or information they would like me to clarify over email or phone, I will invite them to meet me in my therapy space (or at their premises if working within an organisation) for an initial meeting, where we discuss their initial reasons for seeking therapy, and how the therapy could best suit them. This meeting is usually followed by a short taster session if the client wishes. The client then has the opportunity to leave the space with a copy of the therapy agreement, that will have been discussed and edited (where appropriate) to suit the needs of the therapy, and a consent form. Once the client is happy, they can contact me again so we may both sign the therapy agreement and consent form, and to set the date of their first therapy session.

Where and when do sessions take place?

In my private practise, individual sessions and small group sessions are held in my therapy space in Downend, Bristol between the hours of 5pm and 8pm. For larger groups and appointments between the hours of 10am and 4pm, I rent a suitable space in the local area which best fits the needs of the client. Sessions held within an organisation are facilitated during at their premises between 10am and 4pm.

How much does therapy cost?

Costs of therapy depend, like everything else, on the needs of the client. Here is a guideline of my fees for therapy services, which is used as starting point when discussing costs and services provided during initial meetings.

I have certain mobility needs, can I still participate Drama and Movement Therapy?

Drama and Movement Therapy is tailored specifically for the client’s needs in all senses, i.e psychologically, emotionally and physically. Specific needs can be discussed in our initial meeting before therapy commences, or anytime during the course of the therapy. If a client feels they are unable to participate in a certain activity for whatever reason during a session, the activity can be modified to fit the needs of the client, while still exploring the themes, aims and images it holds to remain therapeutically valuable. As for the location of the therapy, this is dependant on the exact location and the needs of the client, however my therapy space is on the ground floor and has toilet facilities on the same level, with allocated parking directly outside the door to the building. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like me to clarify anything further in relation to this.

What if I have a question not listed here?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here and I will reply as soon as I can.


Drama & Movement Therapy

Therapy Services Fees

Here is a guideline list of the prices I charge for Drama and Movement Therapy Sessions. If you have any questions relating to funding or services I can provide to meet your needs, feel free to get in touch.

Private Practise

Individual Therapy Session One-to-One Drama and Movement Therapy Session. 50mins – 1 hour £40.00
Group Session (based on 3-4 persons per group) Drama and Movement Therapy Group Session (Price per Person) 1 hour – 90 mins £32.00
Group Sessions x 10 (Block Booked) (based on 3-4 persons per group) Drama and Movement Therapy Group Sessions (Price per Person) (Block Booking Discount Applied – usually £32 each) 1 hour – 90 mins per session £300.00


Individual Session (within Organisation) Individual Drama and Movement Therapy Session within Organisation (price inc. planning, notetaking, report writing, any materials used and travel costs). 50 mins – 1 hour £45.00
Full Day Drama and Movement Therapy Services Therapy Sessions and Services delivered within Organisation, inc. planning, notetaking, report writing, any materials used and travel costs. – 6 hours £180.00
Half Day Drama & Movement Therapy Services Therapy Sessions and Services delivered within Organisation, inc. planning, notetaking, report writing, any materials used and travel costs. 2 – 3 hours £90.00


Training Workshop Group Workshop, An Introduction to Dramatherapy. (Price per Person, dependant upon size of the group) 2 – 3 hours £30.00 – £50.00
Drama & Movement Therapy

Group Therapy

Group Drama and Movement Therapy Sessions take place with a small number of clients and myself. The initial sessions focus on building trust, with the therapist and group getting to know each other to enable a safe space to be created where clients can feel supported, related to, and to develop understanding and empathy between the members of the group. The group and therapist then journey together to explore difficult feelings and aspects of individuals as they arise, while working creatively and supporting one another through their journey.

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Materials and mediums such as stories, images, fabrics, costumes, music, art materials, nature and toy objects are used with the group to work creatively with the feelings and aspects as they arise.

Sessions are usually 90 minutes in duration, once per week, depending on the group’s needs. Small groups of 3-4 members and initial meetings before commencing therapy usually take place in my private therapy space located in Downend, Bristol. For larger groups of 5-6 members, a larger space is rented in the local area. Unlike individual therapy, the group therapy sessions I facilitate usually have an end date set, with a view of how many sessions we will be meeting for, which is agreed upon before commencing therapy sessions. For more information on what groups are currently available, please see below or feel free to contact me directly for more information on upcoming groups.

Groups Currently Available 

World to Writes – Therapeutic Writing Group – Fridays 5pm-6.30pm

(Putting Yourself) Back Together – Break-Up Support and Therapy Group – Thursdays 8pm-9.30pm