Please note that identifable information (i.e places & surnames) has been redacted from the following testimonials for confidentiality purposes, unless the individual has expressed otherwise.

Being at therapy with Laura was just the best thing that could have happened to me. It was where I felt safe, it was where I felt I could say how I felt without being judged or shouted at. I have no clue where I would be now or who I would be now without her. Laura is the reason I am happy now she is the reason I have an amazing group of friends and I couldn’t thank her enough. I have confidence in myself and being able to speak to people because of going to therapy with Laura. She is one of the kindest people I have ever met, and she will make you feel like you do actually deserve to have friends and be happy. She makes sure you are happy every single time you are with her in that room. I honestly don’t know if I would be happy now without her and she is truly an amazing person.

FD (Former Client)

We would like to thank Laura so much for all her work with our son. [My son] has autism, part of his traits included extreme anxiety especially in regards to germs and poor social skills, which often left him feeling sad and alone at school. He had a very low self-esteem and this would often be reflected through his behaviour.

[Our son] has come on leaps and bounds since working with Laura. He is far more confident and is able to interact with adults and children conversationally, which has helped him make a couple of friends. He no longer has any issue around germs and feels proud to share his achievements. His work with Laura has improved his conduct at school and allowed him to catch up with his peers on an educational level. [Our son] feels more secure about the world around him and his ability to approach any worries or uncomfortable situations has vastly improved, resulting in him having much fewer meltdowns and being a much happier little boy.

Thank you so much Laura.

Vicky (Parent of Former Client)

[My daughter] came to see Laura for once weekly Dramatherapy sessions over a period of several months. She had problems with confidence, self-esteem, some self-hate issues, friendship deficits, poor hand-writing and co-ordination. [My daughter] was a very unhappy child who felt that she was stupid.

I am very happy and proud to say that after working with Laura [my daughter] is much more willing to give things a go, her friendship skills have improved immensely, she doesn’t feel that she has to win at anything i.e. games anymore and that life is not the harsh competition that she thought it was.  Overall [my daughter’s] writing skills have improved and she is now able to deal more efficiently herself with the anxiety around it and the terrible lack of self- confidence. She is better able to self soothe her anxieties and find less destructive ways to manage that.

I had no idea at the beginning what Dramatherapy was all about and not at all sure that it would help [my daughter]. I am very pleased to say that with Laura’s calm and caring approach, patience and unrushed time, [my daughter] has literally transformed and for the first time I really feel there is hope for [my daughter] to be far more resilient in the future both personally and academically.

I cannot recommend Laura highly enough.

Angela (Parent of Former Client)

Laura cares deeply about those she works with. [During sessions], the sense of safety and acceptance she brought through her facilitation created trust, which meant everyone could be themselves, which opened up important new possibilities for us all. Laura works with an intuition rooted in insight and reflective practice, again drawing on her trust in herself and those she works with. [In sessions] this meant group members could bring all their feelings, knowing these would be safely met and creatively responded to.

She brings her love of the magic of theatre to every project she works on, and this is infectious, creating a powerful, playful healing space.

Laura (Co-facilitator of group sessions at a Primary School in Bristol)

Laura has returned over the last couple of years to deliver Drama Therapy Workshops and Introductory classes for us. These have been informative, helpful and very well-organised sessions. Student feedback has been excellent, and we look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.

I therefore recommend her with great enthusiasm and without any hesitation whatsoever.

Head of Department, Workshops in University Settings

Laura completed a five week placement within our company which supports adults in the community who have complex mental health needs. She ran a series of group therapy sessions using drama and movement to enable the participants to express themselves, explore their feelings and their identities.

Laura was able to hold the group very well, demonstrating close attention to detail as to their needs, clearly stating the boundaries of the group and allowing people to opt out of activities and checking in on them if they did. Each individual presented unique challenges in terms of how they interacted with the group and Laura was able to adapt her facilitation style to suit each person whilst maintaining the sense of the group as a whole unit.

Laura encouraged each client’s creativity, welcoming and celebrating their individuality and providing an accepting and non-judgmental response that validated their expression. There were well thought out plans for each session but Laura was also able to react spontaneously to changes in the group membership and to the different dynamics and subtle undertones of the group. Laura seemed to reflect on the processes within each session and used these reflections to guide the themes of subsequent sessions. The sessions contained lots of creative ideas and also paid attention to the need for containment by providing ritualistic beginning and endings. Laura enabled the group to take control where possible, giving them a sense of ownership and empowerment; she was able to read their cues and change pace accordingly. Activities were adapted to suit the clients and Laura was able to ‘be alongside’ each client in their process.

Laura presented a professional manner throughout, communicated effectively with staff members and clients and provided a thorough report following completion of the sessions.

Beth, Therapist (Working within Organisations)