Beth, Therapist (Working within Organisations)

Laura completed a five week placement within our company which supports adults in the community who have complex mental health needs. She ran a series of group therapy sessions using drama and movement to enable the participants to express themselves, explore their feelings and their identities.

Laura was able to hold the group very well, demonstrating close attention to detail as to their needs, clearly stating the boundaries of the group and allowing people to opt out of activities and checking in on them if they did. Each individual presented unique challenges in terms of how they interacted with the group and Laura was able to adapt her facilitation style to suit each person whilst maintaining the sense of the group as a whole unit.

Laura encouraged each client’s creativity, welcoming and celebrating their individuality and providing an accepting and non-judgmental response that validated their expression. There were well thought out plans for each session but Laura was also able to react spontaneously to changes in the group membership and to the different dynamics and subtle undertones of the group. Laura seemed to reflect on the processes within each session and used these reflections to guide the themes of subsequent sessions. The sessions contained lots of creative ideas and also paid attention to the need for containment by providing ritualistic beginning and endings. Laura enabled the group to take control where possible, giving them a sense of ownership and empowerment; she was able to read their cues and change pace accordingly. Activities were adapted to suit the clients and Laura was able to ‘be alongside’ each client in their process.

Laura presented a professional manner throughout, communicated effectively with staff members and clients and provided a thorough report following completion of the sessions.