Angela (Parent of Former Client)

[My daughter] came to see Laura for once weekly Dramatherapy sessions over a period of several months. She had problems with confidence, self-esteem, some self-hate issues, friendship deficits, poor hand-writing and co-ordination. [My daughter] was a very unhappy child who felt that she was stupid.

I am very happy and proud to say that after working with Laura [my daughter] is much more willing to give things a go, her friendship skills have improved immensely, she doesn’t feel that she has to win at anything i.e. games anymore and that life is not the harsh competition that she thought it was.  Overall [my daughter’s] writing skills have improved and she is now able to deal more efficiently herself with the anxiety around it and the terrible lack of self- confidence. She is better able to self soothe her anxieties and find less destructive ways to manage that.

I had no idea at the beginning what Dramatherapy was all about and not at all sure that it would help [my daughter]. I am very pleased to say that with Laura’s calm and caring approach, patience and unrushed time, [my daughter] has literally transformed and for the first time I really feel there is hope for [my daughter] to be far more resilient in the future both personally and academically.

I cannot recommend Laura highly enough.