Vicky (Parent of Former Client)

We would like to thank Laura so much for all her work with our son. [My son] has autism, part of his traits included extreme anxiety especially in regards to germs and poor social skills, which often left him feeling sad and alone at school. He had a very low self-esteem and this would often be reflected through his behaviour.

[Our son] has come on leaps and bounds since working with Laura. He is far more confident and is able to interact with adults and children conversationally, which has helped him make a couple of friends. He no longer has any issue around germs and feels proud to share his achievements. His work with Laura has improved his conduct at school and allowed him to catch up with his peers on an educational level. [Our son] feels more secure about the world around him and his ability to approach any worries or uncomfortable situations has vastly improved, resulting in him having much fewer meltdowns and being a much happier little boy.

Thank you so much Laura.